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Cibel Nava

Senior Loan Originator & Trainer
NMLS  2185678

With an academic background that includes a bachelor’s degree in computer science and a master’s degree in project management from Rafael Bellos Chacin University located in Venezuela. I relocated to the United States from Venezuela four years ago. Fluent in both English and Spanish, I am a proud mother to an incredible son and have enjoyed a wonderful 30-year marriage. I bring over two decades of banking expertise to the table. My career has been distinguished by significant contributions to the credit card sector, particularly with American Express Project Management, where my marketing and sales acumen have consistently driven success.

As a senior Loan Originator, I have more than two years of specialized experience in navigating complex credit issues and structuring loans to optimize credit limits and select the most suitable loan programs for clients. In my role as a trainer, I educate and empower new loan officers, guiding them through the intricacies of the loan process and providing comprehensive instruction on completing loan applications. My proficiency extends to an array of loan types, including federal and non-federal loans, Bank statement loan programs, DSCR, foreign national, ITIN, and commercial loans.

I meticulously manage the loan process from pre-qualification to closing. This involves reviewing files to determine necessary documentation, interpreting automated underwriting findings from DU or LP, accurately calculating income, adhering to company policies and compliance checklists, addressing conditional approvals, and ensuring timely progression through each stage of the loan process. I am committed to keeping all parties informed, including clients, realtors, builders, and title companies, about the status of their files. My goal is to ensure you find the best financial solution to obtain your dream home.

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The Team Partner You Can Trust